Grey Area Gallery,
Brighton, UK
10-25 April 2010

10-25 April 2010

Grace Siregar uses performance, photography, installation and video to explore issues of identity, reflecting on and investigating differences and possible points in common. The works in the exhibition take global politics, personal themes, conflict and peace as their subjects. They are social observations and commentaries drawn upon experiences from living in Indonesia and the UK, which observe, document, and intervene meanings both historically and contemporarily. The idea of territory can be seen as a space shaping us as persons and reflected in what we do and create. Beyond this geographical sense of the term, various other aspects can be explored, such as the concepts of nation, history, politics, domestic space and childhood. Territories address the construction of identity, investigating the shifting relationship between others and oneself. The construction of identity can be seen as state of flux through exchanging with others, whether with individuals, groups or communities. There are two kinds of identity, identity as being (which offers a sense of unity and commonality) and identity as becoming (or a process of identification, which shows the discontinuity in our identity formation).

Works included